Ramadhan Muslims

Ramadhan always gets here when we need it the most. Sometimes we don’t realize we need it and sometimes we know a little too well. Sometimes we take it for granted assuming we will make it to the next yet we also know too well there are some people we had last Ramadhan that didn’t make it to this one.

But here we are now, Alhamdulillah. Remember to be grateful for the extra time given to make things right. While every second of the day can be used to RESTART and make things right, it’s always so much ‘easier’ to restart during Ramadhan. The vibe is different. I am reading this paragraph and I feel like I sound extremely HOLY … if you stop reading here you’d probably call me a ‘Ramadhan Muslim’.. that phrase always cracks me up. It’s been used so negatively before that people have come to hate it.

Let’s talk about ‘Ramadhan Muslims’ shall well?

I can’t talk about the guys much but I have heard a lot about the sisters. I even remember participating in such conversations until I realized my ignorance was deep, forgive me. A lot of sisters make changes during Ramadhan. Some sisters only pray during this month, some only hijab during this month, some stop listening to music, some open the Quran, some stop clubbing, some stop smoking, some stop drinking, some quit gossip and cursing …. during Ramadhan. And most, relapse into their old ways immediately the month is over. For that, they get judged a LOT. They get told to stop being Ramadhan muslim’s. They get told not to ‘pretend’ in Ramadhan if they know too well the ‘new them’ is temporary…it’s similar to those who get told to remove the scarf all together if they’ll show off their fringes. Either 100% or zero hey? Story for another day.

Now if you are among those that believe above too, that people should either be angels or devils, not in between, not actually human… then think again. WE ARE HUMAN! I know, shocks me too… but we are. Sinning is part of us and that’s why Allah has reminded us many times that He forgives.. because He knows we sin. Get it? So if people are going to try to be better Muslims in Ramadhan, then let them be. They may or may not relapse after but they may have connected to Allah better than you ‘full time Muslim’.

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Whoever established prayers on the night of Qadr out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven; and whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith, and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.” Sahih Bukhari

And if you are among those they call Ramadhan Muslim, own it. Fast with sincere faith and pray for further guidance from only Allah cause these other humans who consider themselves angels shouldn’t have the power to bring you down hey.

With that said, this Ramadhan Muslim wishes you all a RAMADHAN MUBARAK!



19 thoughts on “Ramadhan Muslims

  1. I love this..I’m certainly a “Ramadhan muslim” in some aspects of my life and I pray Allah makes me a “Full time” one In shaa Allah…Thanks for reminding us how human we are and May Allah guide us all, I would take being a “Ramadhan Muslim” than not being one at all…so Alhamdulillah for that♡

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  2. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽This is amazing MashaAllah.
    I truly am a ‘Ramadhan Muslim’ (my music & series madness are kept on hold). I honestly think we all are Ramadhan muslims,we all have sins that we put on hold(if that even makes sense😂) so I agree,no one should judge the other.
    ION,I can’t wait to enjoy the Ramadhan blessings…Ramadhan Mubarak


      1. Ramadhan alhamdulilah everything is ok getting used to it. I am your stalker you better hide.


  3. May Allah guide us in th right path and make us among those who practise every day of our lives! May Allah accept our sincere deeds and fasts this blessed month! Ramadhaan Mubaarak Habeebty.


  4. Thank you
    People called me Ramadhan Muslim all my life, I don’t wear hijab full time(not proud of it) ,I am obsessed with music and I do sin(we all do 😒) And honestly I’ve always felt so bad when someone use that name on me… Like please yes I know, this is the only month that I get to be really close to Allah, and so? Is that wrong? I believe not
    Now after reading this I can embrace that name,people should stop judging. May Allah make it easy for us and guide us


    1. Hey girl hey. Ameen to the prayer!!
      I think the first step is to know you have some work to do, which you already do. May Allah make you and us all stronger in this journey.If you need motivation on hijab, find me privately. We could help each other as we grow.


  5. I personally just try to better myself in whatever way I can in Ramadhan. This is what Ramadhan is all about isn’t it? It’s a struggle and sometimes we lose that connection that we achieved in Ramadhan (shaytan is hard at work 😡) but I believe the important thing as you said, is to keep coming back to Allah and try to maintain the connection. Thanks Ibti! We are most certainly HUMAN ☺️


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